Pia Turcinov profile photo

Pia Turcinov, WiTWA Chair 

Director, Mystral Enterprises & Build in Common. Pia is an accomplished Executive and Non-Executive Director with broad and strategic experience across a range of industries. She manages a portfolio career, holding a number of advisory positions. With more than 27 years’ experience in industry, she is an active protagonist within the Australian innovation ecosystem. Pia has qualifications in law and business management, and offers a wealth of commercial knowledge gained in the private, public and NFP sectors. She shares her expertise as an innovation champion, mentor, facilitator and public speaker on topics relating to entrepreneurship, technological disruption and STEM.


Kay Hargreaves, Techtrails Sub-Committee Chair

Managing Director - Colleagues Information Solutions. She specialises in transforming the way organisations collect, manage, use and apply data. Kay has over 30 years working and consulting experience in digital data. She is passionate about technology and uses her enthusiasm for continuous improvement and her technical experience to help organisations gain a competitive advantage through innovation. Kay encourages people to question normality and promotes collaboration to generate new ideas.

Leisa Aitken

Leisa Aitken, WITWA Ambassador

Leisa is passionate about students engaging in STEM skills and education. In her Department of Education WA role, and as an advocate for the early immersion of girls into STEM, she initiated programs such as the STEM Girls Day Camp and STEM Champions Workshops for primary school students. These programs encourage the development of higher-order, critical and creative thinking skills, as well as build confidence in STEM subjects.