What if we can’t pay the contribution?

We understand that many of the schools that need incursions like Techtrails are also schools with limited budgets. We can work with you to find a local sponsor or community grant to pay the contribution.

How much does a Techtrails incursion cost?

We usually ask for a contribution of $1000 (whch works out to about $7 per student).

Can I volunteer with Techtrails?

Absolutely! To do so, simply head over here and complete the form and we'll be in touch when we have volunteering opportunities that might interest you.

How many students can be involved in a Techtrails incursion?

We aim for 150 students for our incursions, usually broken up into smaller groups of 20 to 25 students.

How long does an incursion go for?

Techtrails incursion are full day events with a series of speakers and a VR activity.

Is Techtrails just for girls?

While we are focused on role modeling opportunities to girls, we recognise young people of all genders can benefit from the Techtrails program, so we leave this up to the school to choose the participating students.

Techtrails isn’t coming to my school. Can I still get involved remotely?

If Techtrails isn't coming to your school, you can still access all of our Techtrails Online modules for free https://techtrails-online.thinkific.com/

How much time do I need to commit as a speaker at Techtrails?

The event itself is a full day, and you will need to put some time into preparing your presentation as well.

Do I get paid for being a speaker at a Techtrails event?

We value your time immensely, however involvement as a speaker for techtrails is on a volunteer basis. Often a presenter's workplace will allow them to present in worktime as a way for the organisation to be involved with community outreach.

Do I have to go to university to have a career in STEM?

No! Techtrails seeks to educate young people on the various pathways into STEM careers, this includes tertiary study pathways as well as pathways straight from school into the workforce!