Techtrails Role Model Videos

Welcome to our Techtrails Role Models page. On this page you will find videos of many amazing Western Australia women, inspirational professionals, and entrepreneurs who talk to students about their career journey, what their job is actually like, why STEM skills are important, and how students can turn their passion into a successful future career.

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Lyn Beazley
Adjunct Professor
Murdoch University

Charis Campbell
Corporate Product Manager

Kylah Morrison
General Manager, WA & SA
METS Ignited

Lacey Filipich
Founder & Director
Money School

Emma Eltringham
Product Manager

Cecily Rawlinson
WA AustCyber Innovation Hub

Komal Gandhi
Information Technology
Modis Australia

Dr Vanessa Rauland
Founder & CEO
Climate Clever

Dr Rina Fu
Author – Scientist – Artist
STEAM advocate & Speaker

Laura Kuhar
Research Team Leader
CSIRO Mineral Resources

Michelle Sandford
Developer Engagement Lead

Tara Bennett-Connell
General Manager
Colleagues Matrixx

Karen Stewart
Data Practice Manager
Kinetic IT

Paola Magni
Senior Lecturer, Forensic Science
Murdoch University

Saschelle Blake
Lead Business Consultant

Sarah James
Section Lead Data and Digital Advisory

Jelena Ceranic
Site Engineer

Rimma Shafikova
Senior Data Scientist

Cathy Johar
Program Manager