STEM Champions visit Champion Bay

The Techtrails team spend the day at Champion Bay SHS, Geraldton

On March 22nd 2023, the Techtrails team met with the students at Champion Bay Senior High School (CBSHS). Techtrails Incursions, with the generous support of the National Careers Institute Grant, made an exhilarating visit to CBSHS to help promote STEM career pathways to regional WA students. This program brought accomplished women from various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, who  shared their personal narratives and valuable insights, aiming to inspire students to explore technology and its related disciplines as prospective career choices. 

Our speakers for the day included:

Thanks to the contributions of these dedicated volunteer role models, we can share the importance of STEM to students in rural and regional areas. The workshop at Champion Bay Senior High School was met with active participation from the students, who posed insightful questions and shared their own visions for the future of technology.

This visit was made possible by the National Careers Institute grant, which aims to empower students by supporting programs and initiatives that foster career exploration and skill development for the future workforce.

This initiative is made possible through the funding and ongoing support by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science and Resources and the National Careers Institute.