Our Techtrails STEM & Future Skills Program is an initiative designed to generate passion, excitement and interest to inspire young people to consider careers in technology and science. 

The future of work. How WiTWA is inspiring and supporting young people make decisions about jobs for their future. A visual celebration of WiTWA's community engagement and signature schools program, techtrails.



In early 2018 we released our Digital Techtrails Toolkit designed to inspire students, teachers, parents and career changers. The toolkit is based on a "Career Wheel" originally designed by Kinetic IT and licensed to WITWA as the basis of our Digital Toolkit. We gratefully acknowledge the funding received in 2017 from the Australian Government under a Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Grant from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, to fund this project. The underlying content, support and ongoing collaboration with Kinetic IT has also been invaluable and very much at the core of enabling WITWA to deliver this resource to future generations of STEM professionals.

Very few people really know what they want to be when they leave school. To help you understand a little more about what exciting options are waiting for you beyond the classroom, we have developed a digitalised Techtrail Toolkit to show you where your interests and strengths may lead you. Choose your favourite subjects, explore the different pathways or let us help you to decide.  Sound good? What are you waiting for? Get started, start clicking and explore the possibilities.



In 2019 Women in Technology WA partnered with Engineers Australia and Edith Cowan University to deliver a pilot project aimed at bringing greater virtual reality technology into the classroom, and showcasing to female students in particular, the creativity, engineering and design components involved in tech. Existing virtual reality units are static, requiring a room or location specifically built to support the hardware due to the complexity and time taken to set up the equipment.

The Virtual Reality Mobility Project used the HTC Vive units and supporting peripherals inside a “mobile box” designed and made by the students, making the units portable and more widely accessible to students throughout the school. Our thanks to the teachers and students from Kennedy Baptist College and St Stephen's School who participated in this project, and to Engineers Australia, Edith Cowan University and Dell for partnering with WITWA to make this possible. To follow on from the success of this pilot, we will be integrating the VR Mobility Unit into every Techtrails STEM & Future Skills School incursion delivered in 2020.

Techtrails visits Fremantle College...

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Our Techtrails journey so far...

Since inception the program has reached over 3,800 students throughout Western Australia. The feedback from students and teachers has been overwhelming. We are incredibly proud to say that over 84% of students rated their Techtrails experience as "Awesome/Great".  

After a Techtrails incursion the number of students considering a career in STEM fields tends to increase, as a result of meeting role models who inspire and enable. Feedback from school principals who have hosted an incursion provides high praise indeed:

"Techtrails was a great opportunity for our students to connect with passionate and knowledgeable professionals from STEM related careers. The sessions students participated in today were engaging and gave them a glimpse into their own possible futures.  

Our students, living in a regional area, often have less exposure to these range of people and ideas. The room was buzzing at the end of the day, and I think techtrails will have a lasting impact on these students. Thank you Women in Technology WA for bringing techtrails to our school."

Reach out & get involved...

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Watch this short video as an introduction to Techtrails. Techtrails organisers, presenters, students and school staff share their thoughts on the value and impact of our program.

Interested in registering your school or supporting Techtrails? Our 2018 program is in full swing, but we are always happy to take expressions of Interest for the second half of the year and 2019. We encourage schools to get in touch with us for further information on how to arrange to a Techtrails visit to your school.

We are also always looking for dynamic speakers and STEM professionals willing to share their stories with students. Click here to find out exactly what you need to do to prepare for being part of the Techtrails program. The trick is to have a show & tell component to capture the students' attention. We will work with you to help you prepare for the day. We promise that it is not too onerous! To explore how you can become involved in this exciting STEM program, contact us at Women in Technology WA.


What do teachers say about Techtrails incursions?

"Exposing our students to real careers and the wider possibilities out there gives relevance to our STEAM education initiative, and ties in with our school values.  Feedback from students about the day was overwhelmingly positive – there was a real buzz amongst our Year 9’s after the techtrails day and we are looking forward to building on this excitement." 

Kalamunda Senior High School


“This ticks all the Beazley boxes! Science, technology, youth, and regional WA, I’m so excited to be involved.”

We are incredibly proud to have Professor Lyn Beazley, AO FTSE, inductee of the Western Australian Science Hall of Fame and former Chief Scientist of WA, as the Patron of WITWA and champion of Techtrails.

Professor Lyn Beazley AO FTSE