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STEM & Future Skills Program

Techtrails is an interactive school incursion for Western Australian primary and secondary schools. Designed to generate passion, excitement and curiosity to inspire young people to consider careers in the world of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Our focus is showcasing amazing women working in these fields, and to empower young people, and particularly girls to see themselves in these careers.

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Real People, Real Impact.

Since inception the program has reached over 4,500 students throughout Western Australia. The feedback from students and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive, with 75% of students reporting an increased interest in STEM.

Importantly, 87% of students also noted that they understood how these STEM skills are used in the workplace, as compared to just 37% before the Techtrails incursion.

With our Techtrails Online program we can reach even more students, and have over 1,000 enrollments across the online learning modules.

Tech Resources

We have a range of resources for students and educators

Techtrails career discovery platform (CDP)

Discover careers of the future with our interactive CDP – complete with real life examples of cutting edge STEM based role models. What career is waiting for you?

Techtrails Online LMS

Techtrails Online is a series of modules featuring links to future careers and video content showcasing inspiring women STEM role models. Where will your STEM skills take you?

Role Model Video Library

From interviews with robotics engineers, planetary scientists, marine researcher and more, we’ve put together a range of videos to help engage students.

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